We have moved to Perleberger Straße 59, 10559 Berlin. Currently we are not open to the public but only our members.


The Kara Kulturraum is an international, multidisciplinary community of artists, therapists, and educators who share a space for various forms and projects of visual and object art, film & photography, exhibitions, movement, and therapeutic work.

The basis of all of our work is respect in the sense of having due regard for people’s consent and boundaries. In our understanding, this kind of respect needs to be mutual and should start with understanding and inquiring about the idea of respect in and for oneself. We strive for and work on becoming more self-aware through bodywork and community work on all levels. Part of this self-awareness process is also recognizing one’s own boundaries and respecting the boundaries of others.

Kara Kulturraum is built on (artistic) collaboration & open and honest communication that includes constructive criticism but also enthusiastic appreciation. Feel free to collaborate with us and others on your ideas, works, and development. Also, help everyone evolve by speaking your mind and giving respectful and constructive criticism if it is necessary.


For inquiries please write to us to hi@kara-berlin.de